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RadioMedia.CA is a comprehensive radio stations’ community portal web site based in Canada.

Online advertising and digital marketing is a hot industry, select the right and  trusted online advertising resource is the key step to the success of your business. RadioMedia.CA target market covers a wide range of ages, groups and organizations, they are:

  •  Large corporations;
  •  Media companies;
  •  Radio broadcasting industry academic experts or consultants;
  •  Broadcasters and top VPs, general managers, program directors, sales managers, promotion & marketing directors and air personalities;
  •  Individual radio listeners;
  •  Commuters or travelers;
  •  Business owners and internet marketing professionals;

Having an online presence is essential for any business these days. If this is your ideal target market, then RadioMedia.CA is the best social media website to advertise your business. RadioMedia.CA users return repeatedly because our site takes the community approach to meeting the needs of our users. When they are consistently online, make them more likely to see and be aware of products and services that pertain to your business campaign. Your advertising gets exposure to targeted customers every time. 

Ad Specifications: (It is your responsibility to provide the Advert/Image that you want to use in .PNG, .JPG, or similar image format.)

  • Homepage Banner: 1920 (w) x 700 (h) pixels
  • Leaderboard: 945 (w) x 100 (h) pixels
  • Inline Rectangle Small Button: 236 (w) x 100 (h) pixels
  • Inline Rectangle Large Button: 330 (w) x 100 (h) pixels
  • Square Button: 330 (w) x 330 (h) pixels
  • Wide Skyscraper Banner: 330 (w) x 600 (h) pixels

Advertising rates are varied based on placement location of the website and length of contract commitment. Whether you just want a little corner or a Leaderboard banner in a prominent place on this website, there is always an appropriate solution to fit your advertising campaign. Please email our sale representative at or simply use the Contact Form submitting your inquiry online.

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