Content Guidelines

RadioMedia.CA allows users to contribute different forms of content, including reviews, photos, videos, events, votes, tips, social media posts, blog posts, direct messages, and more. However, when contributing content you have to make sure it is relevant and appropriate to the page it is posted on.

Thousands of RadioMedia.CA’s readers take advantage of user-generated content from the website. While RadioMedia.CA appreciates and encourages lively, passionate and informative discussion as well as the sharing of ideas and opinions, users must recognize that a certain degree of responsibility comes with the ability to post freely on RadioMedia.CA’s pages and forums. Please read the following critical Dos and Don’ts web content writing guidelines to ensure everyone can benefit from this helpful, balanced and authentic community.

Good community content writing style:

  • Content should be truthful and constitute your own personal opinion and experience
  • Always keep your audience in mind
  • Use meaningful title
  • Use common language
  • Keep content original, creative, clear and concise
  • Use positive and constructive voice
  • Stay focused on topic in your material 

Do not submit content that include any of the following:

  • Substantial quoted material from other sources
  • Duplicate or plagiarized content
  • Dry, dull and irrelevant content
  • profanities, threats of violence, or discriminatory language
  • Obscene, inflammatory, or otherwise offensive comments
  • Personally identifiable information or include any contact information (about yourself or others)
  • Content filled with mistakes (grammar, spelling and punctuation) 

Radio Station’s Response Guidelines
Radio station’s responses are also moderated using the Content Guidelines, with the exception that we do allow radio stations to include their contact information and relevant links. Responding to reviews is an excellent way to build your radio station's Brand and Reputation with one of your most vocal customers. If you have claimed your station, you have the option of responding to those reviews.

Here are a few tips of what to include in your response:

  • Thank your listener for taking time to provide feedback
  • Highlight the positive and mention any program updates or improvements that might interest returning or potential listeners
  • Address any specific complaints and explain what you have done to address them
  • Be courteous and professional  

If we feel that a submission does not comply with our guidelines and policies, or is generally inappropriate, off-topic or lacks an appropriate level of detail, it will not be posted on or removed from the RadioMedia.CA website. 

We also reserve the right to withhold submissions where questionable activity or potential conflicts of interest could be present, including but not limited to:

  • Reviews from radio station’s employees or employees’ family members
  • Reviews submitted from accounts tied to invalid, fake, or disposable email addresses
  • An unusually high number of submissions by one user
  • An unusually high number of reviews for a professional
  • Reviews from users who have received or have been offered compensation for writing a review 

We expect all of our users to follow these guidelines, as well as RadioMedia.CA’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. RadioMedia.CA reserves the right to remove a review or radio station’s response at any time for any reason. The reviews approved and posted on RadioMedia.CA are individual and highly subjective opinions. The opinions expressed in reviews are those of RadioMedia.CA users and not of RadioMedia.CA.

If you see some content on RadioMedia.CA that you believe violates our guidelines, you should contact us or flag it for our review. Please keep in mind that flagging a piece of content for a second look does not guarantee that it will be removed from the site. With the increasing diversity of our community, it is possible that some content could be disagreeable or disturbing to you without meeting the criteria for being removed or block. 

If RadioMedia.CA determines that you are enabling the posting of fraudulent content or content that is not submitted directly to RadioMedia.CA by a user, or otherwise in violation of these Content Guidelines, RadioMedia.CA reserves the right to disable your account and or any marketing or advertising programs. 

Last updated March 15, 2018

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