About RadioMedia.CA

RadioMedia.CA is a research project - developing a comprehensive radio stations’ community portal website based in Canada.

This online community features user-friendly navigation not only to access a full spectrum of online information coming from major Canadian Broadcasters (CBC/Radio-Canada and Global News, Thanks for their support and suggestions), but also to access other businesses which would like to join this community.

The RadioMedia.CA website is currently divided into eight sections, which are News, Business Directory, Classifieds, Radio Stations’ Info, Reviews, Job Marketplace, Forums and Blogs.

RadioMedia.CA intends to cater to people who want a guided tour on their local broadcasting radio stations and the providers; and to experienced listeners eager to indulge their passion for programme they want to share in a social network. Furthermore, RadioMedia.CA will be a magnet for local broadcast programme providers who desire to work or check their market status as well as their competitors’ one in a friendly atmosphere.

The mission of RadioMedia.CA is to becoming the leading online interaction platform in radio stations’ community, in true responsive web formatting. The creation of a unique, upscale, innovative online environment that will differentiate RadioMedia.CA from pure technical websites and pure entertaining websites; and will bring people with diverse interests and backgrounds together in this common platform, i.e., a stylish and sophisticated community hub for socialization, entertainment and business.

RadioMedia.ca’s target market covers a wide range of ages, groups and organizations, they are:
• Large corporations;
• Media companies;
• Radio broadcasting industry academic experts or consultants;
• Broadcasters and top VPs, general managers, program directors, sales managers, promotion & marketing directors and air personalities; • Individual radio listeners;
• Commuters or travelers;
• Business owners and internet marketing professionals;

In the digital era where social media platforms are flourishing, RadioMedia.CA will continue to make every effort to further enhance its services in Canadian radio station’s online community and creating more products/venues to meet the changing needs of radio broadcasting industry and most active and affluent users.

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