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A man sits at a desk across from a woman, clad in headscarf; both are working at computers.

Halal mortgages in federal budget about 'being equal' for Muslims, providers say

News/Business | Sat, 20 Apr 2024 04:00:00 EDT

Federal budget references to mortgage products aimed at Canadian Muslims have members of the community celebrating, along with the mortgage providers that look to serve them, despite a lack of detail from the government on what is to come. read more

A red single-family home stands in a row of houses.

Do Ottawa's proposed capital gains tax changes affect inherited properties?

News/Politics | Fri, 19 Apr 2024 04:00:00 EDT

Tax experts and lawyers explain to CBC how capital gains works on property transfers, including what happens with inheritances and how the value of those properties is determined. read more

A silver Tesla Cybertruck at a trade show.

Tesla recalling Cybertrucks in U.S. for faulty accelerator pedal

News/Business | Fri, 19 Apr 2024 09:22:44 EDT

Tesla is recalling 3,878 Cybertrucks to fix an accelerator pedal pad that could come loose and get lodged in the interior trim, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said. read more

A budget book stands up on a table in a room.

Capital gains tax change draws ire from some Canadian entrepreneurs worried it will worsen brain drain

News/Business | Thu, 18 Apr 2024 04:00:00 EDT

Canadian entrepreneurs and investors are blasting the federal government's budget for expanding a tax on the rich that they say will worsen brain drain and further degrade productivity. The government estimates the change will impact 0.13 per cent of Canadians in any given year, and 307,000 Canadian companies. read more

Minister of Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeaul

Ottawa to force banks to use carbon rebate label for direct deposits

News/Politics | Fri, 19 Apr 2024 12:26:01 EDT

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault's department has been battling with banks for almost two years over how carbon rebates are labelled when they are deposited directly into bank accounts. read more

The orange, yellow, blue and green G logo of Google is seen in a store window.

Google fires 28 employees who protested its cloud contract with Israeli government

News/Business | Thu, 18 Apr 2024 10:38:58 EDT

Google said on Thursday it has terminated 28 employees after some staff participated in protests against the company's cloud contract with the Israeli government. read more

A complex arrangement of large, white pipes are seen against a blue sky.

For its next trick, Ottawa must unload the $34B Trans Mountain pipeline. It won't be easy

News/Canada/Calgary | Thu, 18 Apr 2024 04:00:00 EDT

The federal government bought the project when the proposed pipeline was on the verge of falling apart before there was ever a shovel in the ground in the face of legal, political, and regulatory challenges.  read more

A sign outside the Canada Revenue Agency is seen Monday May 10, 2021 in Ottawa.

CRA paid out $37M to tax scammers, unsealed affidavit alleges

Television/The Fifth Estate | Thu, 18 Apr 2024 04:00:00 EDT

A once-sealed affidavit filed with the Tax Court of Canada and obtained by The Fifth Estate details how alleged scammers tricked the Canada Revenue Agency and made off with $37 million of taxpayers' money. read more

a person waits to pay with a credit card at a supermarket.

Will $52.9B in new federal spending make inflation worse?

News/Politics | Wed, 17 Apr 2024 04:00:00 EDT

Heading into this week’s federal budget, one question loomed large: would new spending fuel inflation and make it harder for the Bank of Canada to start cutting interest rates? read more

For rent sign on a West End Vancouver apartment rental unit.

Are you renting with no plans to buy? Here's what the federal budget has for you

News/Business | Tue, 16 Apr 2024 16:44:07 EDT

The federal government tabled its annual budget on Tuesday with a promise to open the door to homeownership for millennial and Gen Z renters. You’ll have to read the fine print to find measures for young renters who can’t buy a home — or just don’t want to. read more

A Tims cup with old Roll Up the Rim logo

Tim Hortons says 'technical errors' falsely told people they won $55K boat in Roll Up To Win promo

News/Canada/Hamilton | Wed, 17 Apr 2024 17:34:55 EDT

A technical error by Tim Hortons led coffee drinkers across Canada to falsely believe they had won a $55,000 boat as part of the franchise's Roll Up To Win promotion. read more

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland answers questions about the new federal budget in Ottawa on April 16, 2024.

Liberals pledge $9B in new money for Indigenous communities in 2024 budget

News/Indigenous | Tue, 16 Apr 2024 16:43:42 EDT

The Trudeau government is promising $9 billion in new cash for Indigenous communities over the next five years, a smaller spend than some past budgets but one the government says builds on past investments and maintains an upward trend. read more

The silhouette of a man pumping gas is shown.

Mortgage interest still driving inflation, as overall rate nudges up to 2.9%

News/Business | Tue, 16 Apr 2024 08:42:18 EDT

Canada's inflation rate went up slightly in March compared to February, with Statistics Canada pointing out gasoline prices are partly behind the increase, along with shelter costs such as mortgage interest rates and rent. read more

A person in winter clothing stands in an aisle at a Shoppers Drug Mart.

Shoppers Drug Mart faces proposed class action for alleged 'unethical corporate practices'

News/Canada/Toronto | Mon, 15 Apr 2024 18:01:53 EDT

A former Shoppers Drug Mart franchise owner has filed a proposed class action lawsuit against the Canadian retail pharmacy chain, and its parent company Loblaw, alleging the companies imposed “unsafe and unethical” corporate practices on franchise owner pharmacists to increase profits. In a statement, a Loblaw spokesperson told CBC News "this case has no merit whatsoever, and we intend to vigorously defend it." read more

A for sale sign outside a house for sale in Toronto.

The dirty secret of the housing crisis? Homeowners like high prices

News/Business | Mon, 15 Apr 2024 04:00:00 EDT

Paul Kershaw, a public policy professor at the University of British Columbia and founder of the affordability advocacy group Generation Squeeze, says the emphasis on increasing housing supply obscures our collective addiction to ever-rising home prices. read more

Skyscrapers along a city skyline, with a bright blue river in front.

General Motors to move Detroit HQ to new downtown building, plans to redevelop Renaissance Center

News/Canada/Windsor | Mon, 15 Apr 2024 13:58:48 EDT

General Motors will move its Detroit headquarters to a new downtown office building next year and work to redevelop its iconic home along the Detroit River, company and city officials confirmed Monday. read more

A hand holding a smartphone showing the Canadian Press Instagram page blocked.

Meta's news ban changed how people share political info — for the worse, studies show

News/Business | Mon, 15 Apr 2024 13:24:31 EDT

Since Meta blocked links to news in Canada last August to avoid paying fees to media companies, right-wing meme producer Jeff Ballingall says he has seen a surge in clicks for his Canada Proud Facebook page. read more

Tesla showroom in China

Tesla to lay off 10% of its workforce as sales fall

News/Business | Mon, 15 Apr 2024 08:58:39 EDT

Tesla will lay off more than 10 per cent of its global workforce, an internal memo seen by Reuters on Monday shows, as it grapples with falling sales and an intensifying price war for electric vehicles. read more

A white woman in a striped long-sleeved shirt sits are her kitchen table holding up a credit card statement with one line highlighted.

CIBC customers dinged when bank adds $5 fee to e-gift cards, calling them a 'cash advance'

News/Go Public | Mon, 15 Apr 2024 04:00:00 EDT

CIBC customers who recently bought e-gift cards for Starbucks, Home Depot, Canadian Tire and a host of other stores were surprised to see a $5 fee added to the transaction on their credit card statements. CIBC initially said it considers the gift cards a “cash advance,” but has now decided to scrap the fee. read more

A man with a ball cap, sunglasses and a bear stands in front of an RV on a snowy day in Alberta.

Anyone want a camper? It's a buyer's market for RVs as pandemic-era sales fizzle

News/Canada/Calgary | Sun, 14 Apr 2024 04:00:00 EDT

RVs — along with boats, ATVs and other outdoor vehicles — sold like hotcakes during the pandemic as people poured their vacation funds into goods that could be enjoyed closer to home. But now the sector is going through a market correction, with sales down around 20 per cent last year. read more

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