When choosing the table tennis or ping pong training robot, the more features they cover the more benefits you will get. For example, the best one you might consider is that robots should be able to generate all kinds of spin, like topspin, backspin, sidespin or no spin. Basic models may only be capable of one or two kinds of spin, or you'll need to change the settings to alter the spin. Right now the more sophisticated robots can randomize the spin on the ball designed for a more complex training purpose.

Another important feature that you might consider is that if it has pre-programmed drills. Advanced ones can allow you to play these programmed drills to improve your rallying skills and footwork. Most these advanced robots have an option to allow you to program your own drills.

Now I would like to detail my story on how I purchased my robot and thereafter usage experience.

As my other post mentioned, once I decided to equip my basement with table tennis table and robot, it took no time to setup an order for the table. For the robot, it took about a week to make my final decision. Based on common sense, when buying any merchandize, there is always having three categories to choose from (low, middle and high level). Back to the robots, the price range is between few hundreds to over two thousand dollars. There are several big robots players in the market, like Power Pong, Butterfly Amicus, Newgy Robo-Pong, Paddle Palace, IPONG, etc. Once I compared the robot’s features provided among those branded product, I quickly selected Newgy Robo-Pong 1055 – currently I am still playing with.

Price range: around $1000

The reason I chosen this branded robot was because they have big name in the market, second reason was because I had no clue how well the robot would perform, I really didn’t want that after purchasing or after warrant period, the robot would become malfunction or even dead, so this price level I could afford…

Features: like their website mentioned, this Robo-Pong 1055 model will be identical to the 2055 except it will be mounted in a ball bucket that sits on top of the table rather than in a recycling net hooks onto the end of the table. I have managed to make my own recycling net by purchasing stuff from Home Depot and IKEA… like bar stool, window mesh screen, etc., see attached pictures,

In the digital era where robots are flourishing, robots should be able to change the speed, spin variation, ball placement and frequency of every individual ball in the rally. Besides these functionalities, robots should also provide other functionality like serves, they can replicate every type of service and return of service. I believe that those robots makers will continue to make every effort to further enhance robot’s functionality and creating more products to meet the table tennis sport development

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